OZ Pharma, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of R&D in the pharmaceutical sector, has begun to work after taking the financial investment in the first week of 2018. OZ Pharma with innovative products developed on the basis of FDA, EMA, ICH and local authorities was established with a sure approach that knowing the significance of the start-up, the future-oriented innovation products will come out of start-up entrepreneurs.

Focusing on the field of dermatology in regular markets with its international work experience team, OZ Pharma has aimed at settling in first place with its effective products in dermocosmetics,medical and pharmaceutical groups.

Our company founded by inspiration from the name Wizard of OZ offers innovative products with maximum and rapid efficiency and low side effect profile to the service of human health.

Making the necessary investments in dermocosmetics field for better quality of service to human health with customer and patient-centered approach by completing the corporate restructuring in the Turkey Pharmaceutical Industry and delivering innovative products to the service of humanity by benefiting fully from the means of technology.

Growing rapidly by producing the most preferred products firstly in the Turkey market and then global market with effective and innovative work in dermocosmetics field and contributing to human health.



Narted Liquid

Narted Liquid

Suggested Use: 3 times a day for the treatment of all burns regardless of burn’s stage and form.

Narted liquid product features:

Narted® liquid is the original product manufactured in a special process.

It has a unique 3-point effect in solving burns, sores and traces.

It is free of paraben, preservatives and coloring agents.

It is free of allergen and alcohol.

It has not been tested in animal experiments.

It is user-friendly with liquid form.

It has been tested on sensitive skin in European laboratories.

FORMS: 30 ml, 50 ml

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As OZ Pharma, our company culture’s focus is “human”. By adopting the “One Team” principle as a company, we believe that the human resources that we have should be created from the individuals who are highly motivated, open to improvement and change, have an understanding of planned work and carry out our vision and strategies.

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